Currently a one man show run by Bert, comoCOMPONENTS was founded in Boulder, CO after a few too many chain losses. Essentially, my clutch broke an surprise, surprise... is not adjustable at all. My chain was falling off regularly and so I set out to find an enduring, reliable solution to this problem. After studying existing guides, as well as the ways that chains typically fall off, I went way down the rabbit hole. At first I was just making minor adjustments to traditional designs, but soon realized a whole new possibility has never been tried. I sought out to combine the large chain contact area of a full, pulley based guide with the simple and friction free operation of most top guides.

When people started asking "can you make me one of those?" I struck out to answer that question.

The Vision

The grand vision of comoCOMPONENTS is to create an island in the sea of proprietary; to push back at quickly outmoded solutions that the hyper-competitive bike industry is pushing today. Every part I design is designed with repair, compatibility and longevity in mind; and a firm rejection of planned obsolescence. The most sustainable solution is one that never needs to be thrown away. Any part that will wear away can be inexpensively replaced (and recycled!), and all products will be supported indefinitely through either a warranty or an at-cost replacement program.

The Process

A product starts when something is missing. When I’m out riding my bike, I like to have a carefree mind, but a bicycle is a mechanical device that doesn’t really care what I want. Each time I have a problem, I ask myself why it happened. Each time I find something making my ride less seamless, I ask myself what can be done. These problems become ideas, which become prototypes, then designs, and then products.

While comoCOMPONENTS is still just a one man act, this is just the start. This evolution has more innovative, sustainable and modular components on the burner.