Terms & Conditions

Lead Times

comoCOMPONENTS is a fledgling company, with all elements of the supply and support chain mediated by a single individual. Manufacturing is performed by subcontractors, and the final product you receive is carefully examined, laser engraved, and packaged in Boulder, CO. Returns and repairs as well are fulfilled by the same individual. For these reasons, please be respectful and honor a three day lead time on all requests, purchases and replacements. If the lead time exceeds three days, or is anticipated to exceed three days, you will be contacted.

Duties, Taxes, and Fees

Import taxes, customs duties, or other fees may be imposed on shipments received outside of the US by the respective country of destination. comoCOMPONENTS offers no coverage of such expenses, which are the responsibility of the purchaser. Furthermore, some countries may require customs or import paperwork. These responsibilities must be fulfilled by the purchaser, and further information can be obtained by contacting your relevant customs office.

Limited Warranty

comoCOMPONENTS products, are protected under a warranty and a separate damage replacement policy. The warranty extends to manufacturing, workmanship and material quality for a period of one year after the original purchase date. Excluding hardware and consumables (screws, chain plates etc), damaged parts are replaceable at discount for periods of up to three years after the original purchase. Note that the original, damaged piece will have to be returned.

The limited warranty and damage replacement policy are extended original end-purchaser with valid proof of purchase only. These policies will not be extended to other persons or entities to whom the product may or may not have been transferred. Valid proofs of purchase include email receipted and paper authorized dealer receipts.

Limitations of Warranty and Liability

Chain guides are inherently "wear and tear" components. Their operational purpose is to protect against chain loss that may interrupt the riding experience. As drive train components on mountain bikes, they can be subject to extreme and prolonged wear, strain and impact, and they are designed to last under these conditions. However mountain biking is a high impact and dynamic sport. Bicycles and their components are subject to damage and wear over time. Furthermore, a component's performance, or failure to perform, may result in injury or damage to property. 

The warranty does not cover failures or defects resulting from accidents, impacts, misuse of the product, failure to follow instructions, or failure to seek the assistance of a qualified mechanic. This warranty does not cover failure to maintain the product, use outside of recommended application, abuse, improper storage, or unauthorized modifications. Damage deemed to be the fault of the operator is not covered by the warranty, but is frequently still eligible for the damage replacement program. Furthermore, this product is not protected for any kind of rental use or sales through an unapproved dealer. 

Mountain biking, and cycling generally, are inherently dangerous sports. Terrain, condition of equipment, rider ability, rider performance and unforeseen elements are inherent to this sport. By agreeing to these terms, you hold regard comoCOMPONENTS, their vendors and their personnel with indemnity for your actions, or the actions of others in the course of cycling, or in the course of maintenance, storage or transport of the bicycle or components. By possessing a comoCOMPONENTS product, the possessor accepts full responsibility for proper installation, maintenance, storage and operation of the device.

Warranty Obligation

During the first year following the purchase of a product, we will, at our sole option, repair or replace parts suffering from manufacturing defects. These replacements will occur within a reasonable time, and will be free of charge. Shipping, insurance or transportation are not covered within our obligation and may incur additional charges. 

Warranty Process

Contact comoCOMPONENTS via the contact page. Include detailed information about your bicycle (make, model, year, modifications) and a detailed description any events associated with the claim, if any. Be prepared to provide pictures of the parts relevant to your claim, as well as your name, phone number and shipping address. All claims will be handled with high priority.