Why have one, when you could have two?

It’s not just two points of chain retention, it’s all the chain in between. Why have one inch of chain retention, when you could have 4? Unlike any top guide where the chain can slip, become canted or jammed, these superior guide units can be individually precision tuned to ensure that your chain is always making a large point of contact with your chainrings, no matter what the trail throws at you. The SPEARHEAD fights off every chain slap and whip, allowing for seamless, flowy riding in terrain that would choke everything but a full on downhill chain guide. And even the worst chain jams can be reset with just a gentle back-and-forth rock of the pedals.

Made of real 7075-T6 aircraft alloy, the SPEARHEAD is tougher than most steel and weighs approximately 83 grams with hardware. Combined with superior adjustability, modularity and painless parts replacement, the SPEARHEAD is built to outlast your bike.

Comes with a 1 year workmanship warranty and lifetime, first owner crash replacement.


  • ISCG-05.

  • 28-36 teeth for round chainrings.

  • Oval rings differ dramatically by make, but as a guideline, the dimensions should not exceed the limits 120mm-160mm. I do not support or endorse the use of oval chainrings, and these dimensions are for reference only.

  • 10, 11 and 12 speed performance guaranteed, with 8 and 9 speed compatibility through the Special Spacing Kit.

  • Also check out the bash guard version for use with a bash ring, or the bash conversion kit.

  • Intended use: XC, Trail, All-Mountain.

Documentation and setup instructions available here.