With new standards popping up every month, and people building bikes from old parts bins, it's not impossible that you have a bike with dimensions outside of what the SPEARHEAD™ was designed for. Does this mean I'm gonna abandon you? No.

Furthermore, if you're running an 8 or a 9 speed chain, perhaps even a single speed chain, you may find that SPEARHEAD™ guide plates don't offer enough spacing. If you want to blaze new trails on an old steed, here's your chance.

Remember to make sure you’ve maxed out ISCG-05 spacing before using this kit or any of the 4mm spacers to space the inner plate. This kit is available for thoroughness. Almost no one is going to actually need more hardware than that which comes with the SPEARHEAD™.

Each kit includes:

  • 16 4x0.2mm spacers
  • 8 4x1mm spacers
  • 4 M4x20 socket cap screws
  • 4 M4x30 flat head screws

Check the documentation page for installation instructions.